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The Miracle


After the Beatification of Daniel Comboni on 17 March 1996 Bishop Zubeir, former Archbishop and now Cardinal of Khartoum complained in prayer to Comboni:
"How is it that you died in the Sudan, your beloved country, and there is no record of miracles attributed to you here?"

Following the Canonization Bishop Zubeir said:
"But in the process of declaring the sanctity of Comboni the Sudanese church has played an important role. There are today at least three miracles known to us that have occurred here through his intercession:

  • a young man, that was paralyzed and now is seen by amazed people walking.
  • Victoria sick since she was a child, deaf and in constant pain. Prayer to Comboni worked the miracle of healing.
  • And it was a Sudanese woman, a strict muslim, who opened the way for the canonization of Daniel Comboni, the mutran es sudan, the father of the blacks…"

In fact, in St. Mary’s hospital in KTH Lubna A/Aziz, the Sudanese woman, a mother of five, was dying after various surgical interventions. All the sisters and some doctors went to pray in the chapel at night, after placing a holy picture of Comboni under her pillow. The woman, “already dead”, according to the words of the sister superior Bianca Garascia, was returned to life!
The exceptional case of this miracle, which happened to a person of the Muslim faith, is the only one of its kind which has ever come before the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints.

In the publication of the Decree of Canonisation was written:
"How providentially significant and eloquent this extraordinary event may be at this time, a time in which the relation between Islamic and Western countries are becoming ever more difficult".

"Miracles are happening in the Sudan…
In the church(a giving church: martyrs… and a cardinal), in politics ( peace is knocking after 40 years of war, Southerners are invited to KTH), in the social domain (the displaced asked to return…the sharia law not imposed any more…)" [Bishop Taban]

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