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St Peters Panarama 30%

An unforgettable day. It seemed like everyone was on the way towards St. Peter's Square. Religious communities around the world were all in a state of expectancy. The “Comboni world” gathered producing an intense and moving panorama that bound all continents together and, in songs and dances, celebrated a community in diversity and it's mighty missionary worldwide work. An ailing Pope, John Paul II, a great admirer of Daniel Comboni, led the celebration.
Soon the Square was beating in a real rhythm of festive celebration. The immense crowd brought the brightness of kaleidoscopic coloured skins, of exotic, whirling dances, of nearly clownish garbs compared to the customary veils and ties. Prime, genuine rituals of worlds apart, unknown to the sober tradition of the pompous ceremonies repeated century after century in the Square. This heightened sense of celebration and happiness made both the crowds and the sitting Pope beat at the exiting rhythm. Only a missionary spirit could bring to this square ancient and forgotten sacred dances to enliven such a wonderful occasion. We were there and we lived the magic moment. We shared the passion of St. Daniel: one God, one Mission, his dream, our common vision: bringing Christ to all the world!

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